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Clinching Process Monitoring

  • Visualising a clinching-process

Detailed Information for High Quality Clinching

The process monitoring CEP 400 has been specifically designed for the TOX®-Joining process. The CEP 400 helps you to monitor and document all quality parameters related to the TOX®-Clinching process.

Force sensors measure the press force during the joining process. A position sensor monitors the cylinder travel to achieve the quality control dimension "X". Once the position sensor signals that the dimension "X" has been reached (bottom end position), then the measured force values are compared to the nominal values. The TOX®-Joint is OK when the measured force value falls within the preset force range. The resulting bottom thickness "X" is proportional to the shear and pull strengths of the joint, as long as the joining parameters and expected tool life are observed and maintained.

TOX®-Clinching Monitor CEP 400

The CEP 400 series: this product line was developed under consideration of our customer's requirements and fulfils all expectations. Process parameter are easily fed into the machine and recorded data are safely stored for analysis.

Functions of the CEP 400

  • Monitors clinching and joining processes
  • Delivers important information about the process cours
  • Special Clinch Monitoring with window technique
  • Choice of up to 64 test programs
  • Real name (40 letters) for program storage
  • 64 Sensor configurations per channel
  • 4 Password levels: operator, foreman, machine builder, manufacturer
  • 8 digital inputs and outputs
  • Status display for the digital I/O ports
  • Ring buffer: last 100 measurrements with time stamp
  • Includes TOX®softWare for parameter setting and data recording
  • Analog display of control dimension "X"
  • Choice of built-in panel version or IP 54 housing for 1- and 2-channel units
TOX®-Clinching Monitor CEP 400T

The clinching monitor with touch display. Available with 4, 8  or 12 channels for monitoring several proceses simultaneously.

Functions of the CEP 400T

  • Monitors clinching and joining processes
  • Provides important data about process status
  • Special clinching monitoring using window technique
  • Up to 64 check programs can be selected
  • Real names for program memory, up to 40 characters
  • 64 sensor configurations per channel
  • 4 password levels: operator, setup technician, integrator, end user
  • 8 digital inputs and outputs
  • Status display for the digital I/O ports
  • Stores up to 100 values with time stamp
  • Includes TOX®softWare for parameterization and data recording
  • Display of control dimension X (absolute value)
  • Choice of panel mount unit or wall mount unit IP54
  • Backlit display
  • Membrane keyboard with password protection for up to 2 channel units
  • TFT, graphics capability, 5,7" TFT LCD VGA (640 x 480) at 4- / 8- / 12-channel units
  • RS-232 interface for parameterization
  • Ethernet interface allows unlimited monitoring channels via network

Optional features

  • PROFIBUS DP interface
  • CANopen Gateway for implementation of all standard bus systems e.g INTERBUS, PROFINET, ...
  • Process sequence control for the TOX®-Clinching Process
  • Service modules:
    • Remote maintenance
    • Test control unit to check measuring cycle
  • Analog output 0 - 10 V
  • Evaluation unit for bench top presses TOX®-FinePress


Brochure TOX®-ControlsData sheet 100.20: Process monitoring
Process monitoring for clinching and joining processes


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